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Advanced Digital Level: DL-ADV


Is your life in film all rock and roll...

The DL-ADV is the most advanced fully programmable digital level available today. This level has been designed to be positioned practically anywhere on body mounted camera stabilisation systems including Steadicam©,Glidecam©, PRO©, Sachtler©.

The DL-ADV is just 62mm wide, 72mm high and 16mm deep and weighs less than 100 grams, no other level packs so many features into such a small box.

  • Twin bubbles on two axes, this allows leveling in two directions at once.
  • Axes can be positioned anywhere on the screen and are independent of each other.
  • Bubble style: 4 types, adjustable brightness and transparency.
  • Bubble border: adjustable brightness and transparency.
  • Sensitivity and response: slow to fast, freely adjustable to suit - range from 0 deg to 90 deg.
  • Dual framelines: Independent settings allow you to change the position, transparency, width and brightness of the black and white zebra, you can even alter the length of the segments of the frame lines, fade them or turn them on or off.
  • Border mask: adjustable for brightness and transparency.
  • Crosshair: 7 different styles in 2 modes giving 14 crosshair selections in total. Scaleable, with adjustable transparency and intensity, crosshairs can be position anywhere on the screen.
  • No video: When no video signal is present, the unit will generate its own grey-scale test pattern bars and no video display and also works in test mode without a video source.
  • Battery indicator: graphically indicated voltage level, scaleable and positionable anywhere on the screen.
  • Memories: custom setting pages to store the settings for eight different cameras, eight in PAL and eight in NTSC. 
  • Mounting position: any of 8 planar orientations.
  • Optional video distribution amplifier: up to 2 additional vdeo outputs with or without the OSD,on 4pin 0B Lemo connectors.
  • The DL-ADV comes with a variable direction spirit level, allowing you to set the datums accurately and ensuring correct frame angles. As an optional extra, 8 pin Lemo cables can be included to suit your set-up.

...and pitch?

If you want to know exactly where you are, the Marell Advanced Electronic Level is indispensable!

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