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I have used other converters in the past that worked but would not start an Arriflex 435 and other high power cameras. Will your converter run the Arriflex 435 and similar 24V cameras?

Yes, the Marell MPC1426 will run Arriflex and the other High Power 24V cameras from standard Steadicam Batteries.

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  have noticed the heat sink and temperature warning on the case, does your converter get very hot?

No, The design of the electronics makes the Marell converters very efficient (around 95%) so even with extended normal use the converter will only become slightly warm. The oversize heat sink ensures consistent fault free operation even in hot conditions. The warning on the case is cautionary and is intended for your safety.

All converters Could your converter damage the camera by supplying too much or too little power? No, the converter provides protection to the camera from over voltage, over load and reverse power being fed to or from the converter, ARRI Media UK, currently rent their Arriflex 435 cameras with the Marell MPC2430 converter as standard.

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There are special batteries available for powering these cameras at high speed, So why do you make a power converter that will supply them from a 24V battery?

Although special batteries are available, they are much more expensive to build, maintain, charge and hire. They are usually constructed from many (23ish) Nicad, or NiMh Rechargeable Cells. For comparison 24V batteries are much more common, are cheaper and easier to build, maintain and charge, as they can be constructed from two 12V car battery type units.

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