Equipment for professional stabilisation system operators

High-Intensity Monitor: HBM-5M

In a league of its own.

An extremely bright and capable monitor, the HBM-5M includes built-in tally light, scan reversal, flexible on screen display with crosshair, frameline and adjustable border controls as standard.

This monitor sets itself apart in terms of value. When compared side by side other leading steadicam monitors the deviation in performance is insignificant, yet the difference in price is astonishing.

The HBM-5M delivers exceptional performance and incredible value for money.


  • Designed specifically for the film industry.
  • 5" High energy P43 phosphor.
  • Direct sunlight viewable.
  • Very high contrast.
  • Fadeable frameline (zebra type) with easy to use controls.
  • Fadeable border.
  • Moveable zebra crosshair.
  • Frame reversal Horz, Vert and both.
  • Crosshair On/Off switch.
  • Tally lights built in.
  • Aspect ratio adjustment, all aspects16x9 / 2 to 1 and anamorphic.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket.
  • 75ohm termination switch.
  • Input compatible with TB6 and Pro (8pin).
  • Buffered video output.
  • BNC video input / output.
  • Light weight.
  • PAL & NTSC compatible.
  • Phosphor matched daylight filter for highest available contrast.
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