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Can your monitor be viewed in direct sunlight

YES - The Marell High Brightness Monitor was designed to be direct sun viewable. This means you can clearly see a picture even with a direct reflection of the sun in the screen. It will easily rival any of the current dedicated steadicam monitors that cost many times more. The Monitor is bright enough for all situations, and the resolution is also exceptionally high. The other series of Monitors are bright enough for most purposes.

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Do you sell a monitor with a tally light?

YES - Tally light configurations are standard in the case of the HBM-5M and LBM-5FFF.  See the main product page to view package options and prices of all configurations.

All monitors What is a Daylight Filter and how does it work? The Daylight Filter is a coloured glass filter that is bonded to the CRT. This glass filter specifically matches the phospherescence spectrum of the tube. The filter provides greater display contrast because sunlight/ambient light reflected from the monitor screen is reduced as it must travel through the filter twice, but green light from the monitor passes through the filter just once.

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What is ‘Scan Reversal’

Scan reversal allows the image displayed on the Monitor to be flipped Horizontally, Vertically or Horizontally and Vertically.

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