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Diversity Receivers

Does having a diversity reciever on omnidirectional aeriels actually increase multipath reception and reduce breakup?

Technically a omnidirectional aerial accepts signals from a wider range of angles than a directional aerial so different reflected signals may be received. However the basic principle of Diversity Receivers is that antennas placed at different physical locations will ‘see’ a different distortion pattern at any particular moment in time. By constant monitoring of both antennas, a diversity receiver can always find an antenna that has the least amount of signal distortion at any given moment, thereby eliminating most of the distortion completely. For this to work the antennas must be spaced at least a wavelength apart. The more antennas a receiver has, the better the probability of a good signal, but this is a diminishing return, difference between two and three aerials is less than the difference between one and two aerials and so on.


Does your video link have any delay?

There is no appreciable delay between the transmitted and received signals.


Can you use 2 receivers simultaneously on the same channel, I mean receiving the same video emitted by one Tx on 2 different Rx (for example to be able to get the image on 2 different screens)?

Yes, you can use as many receivers as you like and the image will be available on all receivers at the same time.


Is there a risk of having interference with wireless Focus devices?

So long as you use different frequencies there won’t be any interference from the focus systems.


You sell systems on different frequencies. Is there a huge difference between them (other than the frequency), and what are the differences(Range, signal quality,...)?

We recommend the 1.394GHz frequency if this is available in your country as the maximum output allowed is higher than for the 2.4GHz band.
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